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An Amazing Second Day at the 2023 European Games: Spotlight on Taekwondo

The energy and excitement soared to new heights on the second day of the 2023 European Games held in Poland. The spotlight was on the Taekwondo event at the Krynica-Zdroj Arena, where athletes from all across the continent gave their all in pursuit of glory. This spectacular day of sport exceeded expectations, captivating both the Taekwondo experts and fans alike.

In the Women’s Under 53kg category, Croatia’s Ivana Duvancic claimed the gold medal, overcoming Spain’s Alma Maria Perez Parrado, who bagged the silver. Hungary’s Luca Marta Patakfalvy and Czechia’s Dominika Hronova rounded off the podium, earning bronze medals.

Next up, the Women’s Under 57kg category witnessed a stellar performance from Jade Louise Jones of Great Britain, who secured the gold medal. Hungary’s Luana Marton put up a tough fight, claiming the silver medal, while the bronze medals were awarded to Kristina Tomic of Croatia and Hatice Kubra Ilgun from Turkey.

The Men’s Under 63kg category was a showcase of pure tenacity and talent. Italy’s Dennis Baretta emerged victorious, taking home the gold medal. He was followed by Croatia’s Lovre Brecic, who clinched the silver. The bronze medals went to Souleyman Alaphilippe of France and Spain’s Joan Jorquera Cala, both displaying remarkable skill and determination.

Finally, the Men’s Under 68kg category was another thrilling contest. Javier Perez Polo from Spain dominated his category to secure the gold medal. Bradly John Sinden from Great Britain claimed silver after a tough bout. Otto Herlev Joergensen of Denmark and Konstantinos Chamalidis from Greece demonstrated great resilience and fortitude, each earning a bronze medal.

As the second day of the 2023 European Games drew to a close, it was evident that the spirit of competition and camaraderie was alive and well. These games are not only a celebration of athletic excellence but also a testament to the unyielding spirit of the athletes. The performances on display in the Taekwondo event highlighted the significance of discipline, skill, and resilience in the world of sports. All eyes now turn to what promises to be an equally exciting third day of the European Games in Poland.

Gallery – Photo Roberto Zazzara

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