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European Games 2023: Thrilling Day of Taekwondo Unfolds at Krynica-Zdroj Arena

The Krynica-Zdroj Arena was the epicenter of exhilarating sports action as it played host to a grand Taekwondo competition like the European Games 2023 featuring male categories of -54kg and -58kg and female categories of -46kg and -49kg. The tournament was characterized by high-energy performances, enthusiastic participation, and thrilling twists and turns that kept the spectators at the edge of their seats.

The Men’s Under 54kg category saw a fantastic display of agility and power. The gold medal was clined by Hugo Arillo Vazquez from Spain, delivering a masterful performance that left everyone in awe. Sayyad Dadashov from Azerbaijan secured the silver, while the bronze was shared by Andrea Conti of Italy and Konstantinos Dimitropoulos from Greece.

In the Men’s Under 58kg category, another Spaniard, Adrian Vicente Yunta, rose to the top, seizing the gold medal with his impressive tactics. Ireland’s Jack Woolley claimed the silver, and the bronze medals went to Cyrian Ravet of France and Gashim Magomedov from Azerbaijan.

Moving on to the women’s side, the Under 46kg category saw a dominant performance by Lena Stojkovic from Croatia, who grabbed the gold. The silver went to Sofia Zampetti of Italy, and the bronze medals were awarded to Sueheda Nur Celik of Germany and Kyriaki Kouttouki from Cyprus.

The Women’s Under 49kg category witnessed Adriana Cerezo Iglesias from Spain standing at the top of the podium, taking home the gold. Merve Dincel from Turkey bagged the silver, and the bronze went to Supharada Kisskalt from Germany and Maddison Samantha Moore from Great Britain.

The day was indeed an exhibition of spectacular martial art skills and indefatigable spirit that painted a vibrant picture of sportsmanship and determination. The champions were celebrated, but each participant, irrespective of the results, contributed to a splendid day of sport that will be fondly remembered by all present at the Krynica-Zdroj Arena.

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Gallery – Photo Roberto Zazzara

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